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Internet and Mobile Association of India brings the first edition of Pursuit 2021.

It is an effort to get  Regulators, Enforcement Agencies, Industry experts, Tech Companies, Financial Institutions from across the globe to discuss the latest trends, developments and priorities in combating the Financial Crime space.

Pandemic has brought in additional challenges, An INTERPOL assessment of the impact of COVID-19 on cybercrime has shown a significant target shift from individuals and small businesses to major corporations, governments and critical infrastructure. A further increase in cybercrime is highly likely in the near future.

This two-day conference will provide attendees an opportunity to directly hear from the Regulators, Enforcement Agencies, Industry experts, CXO of Larger Financial Institutions. 

The event will also have opportunities to host closed-door sessions. This first edition of “Pursuit” looks forward to creating meaningful thought leadership content for combating financial crimes 

 Date: 14th-15th July 2021

For more information, write to +91 9029733507


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